Harvest & Holidays Exhibit at Alleghany Historical Museum

The theme for the Alleghany Historical Museum’s fourth quarter exhibit is Harvest and Holidays. We wanted to re-capture the atmosphere of a traditional, mountain autumn focusing on activities that were once common, here.

Our last exhibit featured agriculture, so it was only fitting that this one celebrates the harvest. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year have themes familiar to each of us. But how did our families celebrate these seasons, if they did at all?

In this modern age, we think we’re rushed, but with hog killing, molasses making, corn-cutting, haying, canning, drying apples, drying beans for “leather britches”, gathering walnuts and chestnuts- the list of traditional chores seems endless.

The exhibit will last through the end  of the year. As always, if you have items or stories to share, contact us!

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