Alleghany Beauty On Display at the Historical Museum.

New Exhibit at Alleghany Historical Museum. Photography by W. Ray Scott National Park Concessions, Inc.

The new exhibit at the Alleghany Historical Museum will feature images by local photographers. Poster photography by W. Ray Scott National Park Concessions, Inc.

Alleghany County was formed from the eastern part of Ashe County. It is bounded on the south by Blue Ridge and Wilkes county line, west by Ashe County, north by the Virginia line and east by Surry County line. The county is divided into two valleys, Peach Bot­tom mountain passing through the county from east to west, valley of Little River on the south, New River and tributary streams, Prather’s Creek and Elk Creek on the north.
“The surface is uneven, ridges and valleys along the streams of water, beautiful springs gushing and gurgling from hills and dales, forests of trees such as oak, pine, poplar, ma­ple, ashe, hickory, chestnut, abundance of granite and fine species of soap-stone rich mines of iron, and copper. The productions are wheat, rye. corn, oats, buckwheat. sorgum­ cane, flax, potatoes and garden vegetables of great variety that mature in luxury and per­fection, fruits, such as apples, peaches, pears, quinces, plums, cherries, blackberries, straw­berries, currants, whortleberries and grapes.”

-Aras B. Cox in his book Footprints on the Sands of Time, a History of South-western Virginia and North-western North Carolina printed by the Star Publishing Company in Sparta, North Carolina in August of 1900.


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