Fashions from the Past on Exhibit this Spring

The Alleghany Historical Museum is featuring fashion this quarter- not the latest fads but styles from past eras. Dresses, men’s wear, underwear, hats, gloves and accessories are all on display through the end of March. Come see how your ancestors dressed for daily life and dressed up for special occasions.

We are learning, with this exhibit, that we could really use mannequins, dress dummies and wig stands for clothing displays. If you’ve got any stashed away in your attic, you’d lend or donate, contact Pauline Jolly at the museum, 372-2115. She can give them a new career in modeling.

The gown at left was worn by Clyde Adella Fields at her graduation from the Normal and Industrial School in Greensboro (now UNCG) in 1912.

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