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STEPHEN HOLLOWAY b. 4 Feb. 1728, Tilehurst, B, England (by LDS Anc. File, 1997)
Stephen HOLLOWAY is found in Surry Co., N.C. as a taxpayer in 1772 and in Wilkes Co., N.C. Census listing of 1787 with 1 WM 21-60 (himself), 4 WM und 21 ov 60, 3 WF all ages. I calculate these to be his wife, name unknown., 2 daus. Nancy and Mary Anne, both of whom m. into WAGONER family by family tradition. The two sons John b. 1766, m. Mary or Ellen ROSE (named in Emanuel ROSE’s Will, Bk. 1, p. 482); left many tracks on taxpayer lists, land grants and sales of Emanuel’s property they inherited and as a constable. He is assumed as bro. of James as they were only 2 HOLLOWAYS in that part of N.C. at that time; James says Stephen was his father; James worked for Samuel JOHNSON during Rev. War and helped Samuel’s wife while Samuel was off at war. James gave his birth year as 1770. After the War he enlisted Samuel in trying to get a service record for Stephen, so evidently knew he had helped in Rev. War effort. Perhaps he only gave supplies or perhaps his record was never recorded or was lost, many were or Samuel didn’t follow through?
However, Stephen did get a Land Grant for 50 a. in Surry Co. in 1772, was exempt from taxes for future being over 50 yrs. (that ties in close with age of Stephen above, but I have no proof they are the same Stephen). I think the Land Grant was in Roarin’ R., Traphill area so started out in Surry Co. and that part became Wilkes Co. in 1799, when that county was formed. John and James are both in 1790 Cen. Wilkes Co. but no Stephen to be found. I first thought Stephen probably dead but then found a Stephen, Nathaniel, Chas. in Fayette Co., KY. in 1790 Cen. and Robert Holloway in Woodford Co., taken from Fayette Co. Had they moved on? This is about the time that Daniel Boone was guiding so many parties through the Cumberland Pass to KY.
I am particularly interested in finding when my Stephen came to America and into what port. Was there a tie between our Stephen and Robert Holloway in Orange Co., N.C. who had a son Stephen who was killed in Rev. War at age 23-4? That Stephen Holloway was fighting on the British side, a Tory. At the time I was compiling Trails Trod by Holloways, I thought our Stephen was Robert’s son, a wrong assumption that I regret.
I love to share and hope that someone out there can add to this and let me hear from them: Orella Holloway, Chadwick, 7650 Fairview Rd., Tillamook, OR, 97141; Ph. 503-842-6036 (Fax same);

We are looking for information on the artist that created these old-timers. They are made of carved pine and cotton cloth. Any information, please contact: Kathy Murphy, through

My great-great-grandfather resided in or near Sparta, North Carolina. I have searched for maps of this area without any success. The maps I have searched for are similar to township maps which show the location of the land owned by surname within the township. I have discovered that there were no townships in North Carolina during the period of time that my great-great-grandfather resided there.
I do have copies of land purchases by my great-grandfather from his father but these are useless because the landmarks used are no longer in existence.
I want to know the location of my great-great-grandfather’s land in the period of 1850 to 1860. I also want to know the location of my great-grandfather’s father-in-law’s land in this same time period.
My great-great-grandfather: Zachariah Moxley; b. May 10 1796 Ashe County, d. Mar 31 1876 Alleghany County
My great-grandfather: Thomas Moxley; b. Feb 15 1837 Ashe County, d. Feb 21 1930 Carson, Pottawattamie, Iowa.
My great-grandfather father-in-law: James Franklin Dillard; d. Jan 02 1812 Buncombe County, NC, d. Mar 06 1884 Carson, Pottawattamie, Iowa.
All of the above persons are listed in the 1850 Ashe County census and the 1850 Alleghany County Census.
1850 Ashe County Census Microfilm M432-620 Zachariah Moxley family number 268 James Franklin Dillard family number 213
Alleghany, North Carolina; Roll: M653-886
Zachariah Moxley family number 291 (House # 336 on page 45, microfilm page 199)
James Franklin Dillard family number 389 (House #483 on page 60,
microfilm page 412)
I will reimburse you for your expense in locating these homesteads of Zachariah Moxley and James Dillard. I also want to have a complete map of this area for the same time period. A map without the surname land ownership, and a map with the surname ownership. A searchable digital map is preferred. If not then PDF files of scanned maps if digital maps are not available. Sincerely, David Moxley, 2086 Avenida Del Canada, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, 626-260-6115, Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

D.W. Miles of Sparta, NC, is looking for a photograph of the Shell Gas Station that was in Sparta, along the Lakes to Florida Highway. His phone number is 336-372-5646.

I’m gathering information for a history on the Reeves House (at Chateau Laurinda.) Any information you have would be appreciated. Robin Rector,

I am looking for the name of my grandfather’s mother. My grandfather, Arthur Joines Taylor, was born out of wedlock in 1885 or 86 to Matthew Taylor and ????. The only clue we have is my grandfather’s middle name of Joines. These Taylors were from the Cranberry district of Alleghany Co. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jim Curl, 1246 N East Ridge, Strafford, Mo 65757, 417-736-3065, Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

Hello, I am looking for some information. I recently visited your area, and my friend took [this photo] of an old building we liked. I wrote your Chamber of Commerce, just looking for any information on the building. I received a nice email from Ashley Weaver, from the Alleghany CoC. She replied that the building is the “old Stratford Academy/Second Elk Creek Academy. It was built around 1900 by Monroe Estep, an Alleghany carpenter-builder”. She suggested that I ask someone from the historical society because I had a few more inquiries. My friend and I were wondering if you have available any old drawings or photos of this school in years past—from when it was first built or in subsequent years. We really like his photos, and would like to have a “before” and “after” collection of the building, if possible. Also, any additional information on the builder and building would be wonderful. Thank you so much for reading this and for any help you might be able to offer, We loved visiting your area and we enjoy learning new things about the photos we captured! Geri Williams and Phillip Smith,

Hi, I’m descended from the Doughton’s and Reeves as discussed in the Alleghany Chamber web site info on early settlers. I’m searching for any documents, books, or any published info on the families for my lineage and genealogy. Do you know of any books with lineage info on them? I deeply appreciate any help. I working on my DAR papers to add George Reeves to my list of REV WAR patriots and I can use any documentation to help in this for proof. Thank you very sincerely, Patti Waldron,

I am looking for any information that anyone has on my ancestor, John “Anders” or “Andrews”. John was born in 1808 and died in 1871. He lived in Ashe County but died in Allegheny County. I believe he always lived in the same place, but part of Ashe County was renamed to Allegheny County during his lifetime. He had five children and the oldest four went by the name of “Anders.” The youngest, Calvin, went by “Andrews”. I do not know the reason for the discrepancy. All of the children had the same mother, Cynthia Phillips Anders or Andrews. I am looking for any kind of document that might list John’s father as Mark Andrews. This document could be an obituary, deed, family bible records, anything that could verify that Mark Andrews was his father or that Elizabeth Bailey was his mother. The relationship is mentioned in the book, “The Cheek Family of Allegheny County, NC”, however there is no documentation. I would also be interested in learning which cemetery he is buried in. Any assistance in this matter will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time, Lisa Andrews Carte, 442 Township Road 378, Steubenville, OH 43952, 740-282-3107, (Ed. Note: Please see page 3 of our July 2011 Newsletter for parts of a letter written by Abner Cheek to John Anders.)

Where can I get copies of Estate Records for my Grt,grt,grt grandparents (Preston and Jane Phipps), that I see on the New River Notes for Alleghany County. Thank you so much, Marleen Parr, 2808 Susan St., Fremont, Nebraska 68025, 402-727-4399, Best Time to Call: 5p – 9p,

Can anyone tell me the history of the town of Scottville? I have ancestors from the area, Cranberry, Ashe County, pre 1810. I have a confirmed ancestor, Larkin, born there in 1809, and I think his dad was Solomon, but I cannot make the connection. Any help would be appreciated. Especially any ties to Scottville. Heather Jo Bailey, Nora Springs, Iowa, 641-749-5252, Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I’ve been researching my family tree for several years now. I’ve seen things in my research about Edwards Cross Roads, and the old Zion school house. Where are these places located? I’ve probably been by these places & didn’t know what I was looking at! Leanne Evans, PO Box 1054, 1137 Grandview Drive, Sparta, NC 28675, 336-372-4029, Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

My name is Mike Carter. I live in Rocky Mount VA. I am a direct descendant of John Jack Mays, “The Last Man Hung In NC” I am doing genealogy work on this side of my family and looking for other descendants of the Mays/Mayes. I would welcome any information or comments on the subject. Even though these ancestors lived at Devotion in Surry County NC, there were some connections to Alleghany county. Thank you in Advance, Mike Carter, 400 Old Franklin Turnpike, Suite 117, Rocky Mount, VA 24151, 540-483-0779 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

I’m trying to locate a copy of a document or Bible record that shows Thomas Hash is the son of William Horton Hash, Jr. They are my 5th and 6th great-grandfathers. I will appreciate any help. Thanks, Hobert Halsey, 127 Cherry Tree Lane, Elkton, MD 21921 Q We’re looking for information on Mahala Anderson, born c.1822. She married Elijah Frances, 1816-1883 the son of Charles Frances, born 1765 and Sarah (?). Mahala’s daughter was Elizabeth Frances, 1843-1913, married Robert Franklin Halsey. They lived in Ashe & Alleghany Counties. Claire Halsey, PO Box 533, Sparta, NC 28675

I am in CA. I am trying to locate the marriage records for John Nelson and Mary Ethel Parsons, married June 17, 1917. I have already contacted the Alleghany Co records office and they have no record of their marriage. Might it have been published in a local newspaper? Where else might I check? Thank you so much for your assistance. Phyllis Garratt, 418 Ridge Road, Novato CA 94947, 415-730-4060 Best Time to Call: Anytime,

I am looking for Moses Manassa Woodruff,b 9-12-1734,in NJ. d 10 28 1817. He died in Alleghany Co and is buried in a cemetery named after him, possibly in Glade Valley. May have lived in Surry Co. We visited a Woodruff Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Cherry Lane but it doesn’t have any graves that old listed. Any help will be appreciated. Loyeen Woodruff, 2905 Hickory Court, Woodridge IL 60517, 630-985-5651 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

I am looking for the following book and wondered if you still have copies: Hoppers, Moxley, Toliver and related families” by Lorene Moxley Sturgill. Jacqueline Blocklyn, 106 Nevada Street, Hicksville NY 11801, 516-681-8379 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

In the late 1800s was there a town named Anna in or near Alleghany Co.? If you know of anyone working on the Hawthorne family of Ashe and Alleghany Co. (1802 – 1980) please let me know.
Jack Hultquist, Minden NE, 308-832-2386 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

Would like to have a death notice for a William Griffith in the prathers creek area 1870-1880. Was griffitts in the 1870 census-wife Mary (Polly) Marjorie Griffith, 3319 Stonehenge Sq. Roanoke VA 24018, 540-819-7878 Best Time to Call: 5p – 9p,

I am interested in purchasing the book, “Choates of the South,” by Irene Choate Williams. Thanks for your help. Jennifer, 541-369-2796 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I am originally from Ashe Co. and am descended from Samuel Johnson. I am looking for the book: CAPTAIN SAMUEL JOHNSON OF WILKES COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA – Ancestry and Descendants, Volume One, Descendants of Robert and Celia Bourne Johnson. Do you have any leads or suggestions?
Melanie Reeves Miller, 137 Claybrook Lane, Cane Ridge TN 37013, 615-975-8310
Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

I was hoping you could point me in the direction of my family geneology…I have traced my great grandmother to your area…Lessie Jane Cheek…I was wanting to find living relatives, if that is possible…Please help me! Tracy McGee, 1542 Palm Spring Dr, Chambersburg PA 17202, 717-446-0411 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

I’m researching my great-grandmother, Mary “Ellen” Toliver. Was known as Ellen Toliver. Believed to be born in Alleghany or Ashe Co Jan 1862. Jesse W. & Louisa Toliver cited as her parents. Ellen Married. Thomas Hudson Nov. 1877 in Alleghany by Rev. Eli Billings. I have their 1877 Marriage Certificate. They had a daughter Louisa Jane Hudson,( b. May 29,1879, m. John R. Crouse, d. Nov. 1961. Thomas Hudson was Louisa Jane’s father and died in Aug. of 1880. Louisa Jane was adopted by Jesse & Louisa Toliver (Date unknown). Ellen’s 2nd marriage to David A. Taylor was in Alleghany NC. Until recently, it was believed that Jesse & Louisa Toliver were her parents. Although, I’ve been told that Susan Hash is her mother. Any information would be appreciated. Jane, 7726 N. Jefferson Place Circle, Apt. P, Baton Rouge LA 70809, 225-993-6030 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

Do you have any obits? I am really wanting to find one for Dallas Glenn Parsons b 1926 & died 25 Jul 1981. Thanks for your time. Bette Nelson, 4 Tall Tree Way, Georgetown MA 01833, 978-352-2765 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I am working on a family research project about the William Harris family who lived for at least 3 generations in Alleghany County at Cherry Lane. Could you please let me know if this family is included in some of the history books already written about the area. I am also interested in the civil war service of William Harris who was born in 1834. Also, I would like to know how to get a copy of the Harris wills. Patty Conroy, 20171 Leroy Drive, Castro Valley CA 94546, 510-828-1082 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I would like to purchase a book by Lorene Moxley Sturgill, “Hoppers, Moxley, Toliver and Related Families” if possible. Any suggestions? Shirley M. Jones, 6516 Matchett Rd., Orlando FL 32809, 407-859-3766 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

Dear Sir/Madam, I found a reference in your newsletter from Sept 1983 for a book on the Sturgill Family, written by Mr. David Andrew Sturgill. Do you by any chance know where can I find it? My husband would love to have it, I want to buy the book for him. Thank you in advance,
Ivana Flanary, Athens AL 35613,

What is the old building located on the corner on Wolf Branch and Mahogany Rock Rd. It looks like an old school or church. Just email me at your convenience. Thanks, John Turpin, King NC 27052, 336-591-1108 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

Hello, My name is Shawn Smith and I live in Alexander County NC. I am researching the Dr. John Lacy Smith family of Sparta in the late 1800’s. His brother William O Smith of Davie County was my ggggrandfather. I am trying to make contact with someone that knows anything about this family. Also, the article on William C Fields written by Betty Lou Fields in the heritage bookis of interest. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Shawn Smith, 3724 Church Road, Taylorsville, NC 28681
828-632-6317 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

Does anyone know a B. Beatrice Holbrook? She wrote some pages in the Alleghany co. Heritage book on my CARSON’s. I would like to contact her, or one of her heirs for more information Kim Wills, 8043 N. Gannett Rd., Sagamore Hills, OH 44067 330-467-4450 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

We are the International League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Inc. and are looking for any information on descendants of Coaker Triplett of Boone, NC as he will be honored in our upcoming 2010 season. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Gretchen Addison, 55 South High Street, Suite 202, Dublin OH43017 614-791-9300 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

Just looking for information on my ggg-grandparents: Henry Elijah Osborn born March 1848 in Wilkes N.C. and Elizabeth Roton born in Alleghany in 1848. They were married there on 04 Apr 1869. Henry’s father was David Osborn and his mother was Priscilla “Prissey”. Anything on this family would be great. Thanks Damian, 11 Cleavland St., Norfolk, MA 02056 781-858-3094 Best Time to Call: 5p – 9p,

Hi, I have been trying to track down a cousin of mine, twice I have found him in Genealogical trees that I have not managed to a responce from the tree owners. My cousin is a David Harrison Reeves and I believe is or was a resident of Sparta NC. Father was Harrison Reeves and Mother was Evelyn Carter, my Fathers sister. Any help in tracking him down would be greatly appreciated. David Carter, 49 Hinckley Road, Sapcote, Leicestershire, UK LE9 4LG +44145273092 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I am looking for information on my family. I know my family is from the Alleghany area. my grandfather Lonnie Mack Maines, Sr. His father and my great grandfather was James. James, had several siblings (Jordan J. born 1832 in Virginia,Hyram,Ezra,Susan, Mary Janes & Peter). James sister, Mary Janes Maines was born 1848 in Virginia and died in Lansing, Ashe, NC in 1908. She married a Stephen David Sexton and had 8 children-Sarah, Ellen, Eli, George Garrett, Stephen, Margie May, Jordan Jefferson, and Barry Waggoner. James’ (my great grandfather) parents were Jordan Jefferson Maines (born ?1802 in TN and died 1893 in Grayson Co, VA) and Mary Scott ?Sexton (born in ?1804 in?? place and died in 1880 in Grayson County, VA). No further Maines info is known but do know the Sexton side of the family. Can you please help me locate information on Jordan Maines or James Maines that married a Lina Anders. Thank you so much for your help. Laurie, 467 Jefferson Manor Drive, Forest, VA 24551 434-851-7018 Best Time to Call: Weekends,

Wondering if you could pass this on to PERSINGER genealogists. I’d like to ask the opinion of those interested in Persinger research as to whether you believe or can prove or disprove a connection of the Alleghany & Botetourt County Persingers to those in Roanoke County. Thanks Allan Griffith, 1 Jodi Lane, Bloomington, Illinois 61701 309-829-2063 Best Time to Call: Weekends,

I am trying to locate a copy of David Sturgill’s Hanks & Fowlkes family histories.
Kathy Bolasini, 3951 N. 43 Avenue, Hollywood, FL 33021 954-989-0221 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p

I purchased the book Alleghany County Cemeteries Through 1986, and have used it to find & visit a few family sites, but there are a couple of them that I cannot locate using the location descriptions in the book. If someone might be able to help, the cemeteries that I am looking for are #150, #151, & #277. I have gone out and followed the directions as best I could, but couldn’t find them. #277 especially is hard because I can’t seem to find a Peden Rd off 13. I thought maybe State Rd 1300 since it leads to the Peden area, or maybe even the next road north, 1304/Blevins Hollow Rd, but I’m not sure, or where on which road. If someone could please help, especially with #277! Thanks you! Nathan D. Jones, 47 Tannenbaum Circle, Greensboro, NC 27410

Is Elizabeth Sherrill kin to Agnes Sherrill born 24 Mar 1781 that married a Ballew in Burke County, NC?
Gale 325-798-3019 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

My GGGGF is Alexander Richardson born 1805. I am looking for information on him and genealogy. Can you direct me in the right direction? Thanks Mike Richardson, Charlotte, NC 28277 704-846-3964 Best Time to Call: Weekends,

I am writing a book about churches in western NC that were built prior to 1800. Do you know if churches dating back to the 1700’s are still standing in Alleghany County? Thanks! Jonathan Flanders, 9208 Tenby Lane, Matthews, NC 28104 704-578-6735 Best Time to Call: 8a – 12n,

I am descended from a Spencer Martin who was hanged in Salisbury on 30 Oct 1795. Looking for any details. Many thanks! Charles Church, 4995 Dippen Rd., Walkertown, NC 27051 Phone: 336-767-7228 Best Time to Call: Weekends,

I am trying to find information about the Poor Farm. My maiden name is Persinger and I was born in Covington, Va. I will appreciate any help. Thank you and have a nice day! Dorothy Totty, 1118 Clover Valley Way, Edgewood Md 21040 410-671-7434 Best Time to Call: 5p – 9p,

I am a lost McCraw. My name is James Mason Gray, being adopted at birth by James F. & Thelma Gray in Tampa, Florida. My birth mother was Lucille McCraw (Samuels) and my grandfather, her father, was was Mr. Arnie McCraw of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, married to Nina Alma Zigler. My mother’s sister was named Gail, but I don’t know her married name. I am now seventy years old and would like to preserve the family history for my grandchildren. I am trying to build a family tree and I am hoping someone can assist.
I need to acquire information on the Arnie McCraw family of Mt. Airy, North Carolina and their ancestors so a genealogy family tree can be put together for my son and five granddaughters. I am also interested to know if any of the family served during the American Civil War.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
James M. Gray (McCraw) 11 Corndale St, Loganholme, Qld., Australia 4129 61 07 3388 0581 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p

Trying to locate the burial site for the Scott Family that had a business in Scottville, NC in the 1850-60s. Please use email. Ron Cochran, 5316 53rd Ave E A-19, Bradenton, FL 34203

I heard that there was a chairlift in Sparta at one time – do you know if this is true? I have a cabin here and am interested in the history of the town. Carole Campbell, 162 Brady Street, Charleston, SC 29492 843-847-1452 Best Time to Call: 12n – 5p,

Trying to locate Elizabeth City Post Office Hampton listed on a 1860 u.s. censue. My great granddad is listed William H Watts born abt 1859 The father is listed as Same A born abt 1834 Mother listed Louisa born abt 1835. I have looked on your web site with little luck. Please help me. I remember everyone saying that he came from Hampton NC Renee Westbury, 92 Powell St, Conway, SC 29526

Hello, my name is Jean Starns. I am a descendant of William Brashears b. ca. 1799/1800 of North Carolina. He married Mary L. ____. They moved to Madison Co., AR where they died. I am trying to find the name of William’s parents. Can you give me any help. Jean Starns

I am writing on behalf of Dr. Maurie McInnis, the Director of the American Studies program and Associate Professor in the Art History department at the University of Virginia. She is currently working on her latest book, which deals with the visual and material culture of the slave trade in the South and, specifically, Virginia. As her research assistant, I wanted to contact you to see whether your society’s special collections has any images or artifacts relating to the slave trade (for instance, we located a red flag in the Charleston historical society that was hung outside of auction houses to draw attention to the auction)? We are not so much interested in archival material at this time, but merely images or material culture. If your collection has anything that you think may be of use to us, I would appreciate hearing back from you. Heather McMahon, 5057 Old Auburn Rd, Warrenton, VA 20187

I’m looking for some Edwards relatives from great grandad Curtis b.1888 Alleghany Co. and from great-great grandparents William b.29 Jan 1865 Alleghany Co. and Sarah “Jesse” Andrews b. 22 Dec 1867 Ashe Co. They lived in Sparta. Stephanie McKechnie, 762 Westwood Beach Cir., Panama City Beach, FL 32413

I am looking for information regarding the family of Wes Cheek. The Cheek Family Chronicles listed the children. My daughter is trying to research the heritage of her father Joel Cheek who is deceased. In particular if there is any Indian blood(which we were always told) and how much. Is there a way we could find out this information? Thank you for you assistance. Theresa Cheek, 4334 Southworth Road, Delphos, OH 45833

Need to know general holdings of John Connely in 1798; that means “general” as in, near Ennice area. Have general clues as to property area, Crab Creek, etc. More info on the Connely question: sites mentioned are: Maid’s (Mades) Knob, Glade Creek area, Crab Creek & Brush Creek Fork; across Glady Fork into VA, Nathan’s Ridge, Hammond’s Mill Creek, Brushy and Crab Creek drainages. These were lands held by John Connely and I am seeking the general location now. Later acquired by Passmore, Higgins and Johnson Families. Also, where is the “early Little River Baptist Churchyard?” I have a feeling this is all around Ennice? Thanks for any help. Mary Jo Gohlke, 3848 Steve Lillie Circle, Stockton, CA 95206

I am trying to locate information on my grandfather Jesse V. Ross. He was born in NC, he married Lucinda Pullum. His son was born in Greensboro, NC. James Ross 4400 20th St. NE, Washington, DC 20018

This may sound funny but untill now I thought the only Rufty’s that lived on this planet were in Los Angeles CA. I’ve lived in a lot of towns and states and looked in every phone book I got my hands on and NEVER found a Rufty until the internet. My father and uncle have passed away. The only thing I know is they’re from North Carolina. My grandfather Jay Rufty isfrom Cabarrus, NC and the Rufty’s came throught Ellis Island from Germany. Or Switzerland. No wonder I couldn’t find them all hiding in North Carolina. YOU WOULD HAVE MY GREATEST THANKS if you could point me to the site or person for a little HELP. Thank you. Ted L. Rufty, 501 nw 6 th st, Pendleton, OR 97801

My name is Terry Underwood, which is my name as a result of being adopted at birth, and my birth name was Terry Phipps. Since some of my relatives were born in or around the New River area of North Carolina then just maybe some of my relatives will see this and respond.
As anyone who has the history on The Phipps Family would know, we are all descendants of Joseph and Sarah (Binfield) Phipps.They had one son named Isaiah who married Eleanor Smith.
Isaiah and Eleanor Phipps had a son named Isaiah that married a woman named Ann and whose last name I do not know. Isaiah and Ann Phipps had a son who was also named Isaiah and I do not know who he married but he did have a son named Joseph. Joseph Phipps and his wife, who I do not know the name of, had seven sons.
From here I will put my direct bloodline in capital letters. The sons of Joseph Phipps were John, James, Joseph Jr., Benjamin, SAMUEL, Aaron, and Isaiah. Samuel Phipps married Elizabeth Betty Reeves and they had seven sons. They were John, William, Jesse, Isaiah, BENJAMIN (BIG BEN), George, (Devilish), and Joseph. Benjamin (Big Ben) Phipps married Rachel Burnie and they had five sons and two daughters.
They were JEHU, Eli, Alex, Loucinda, Larkin, David and Martha. Jehu Phipps married Lucy Austin and they had two sons and two daughters that were born around New River, N.C.
They were Sarah J., Thomas, Cynthia and SAMUEL EWELL. Samuel Ewell Phipps married a woman whose first name was Frances and whose last name I do not know.
They ended up in Morgan County, Ky. and according the 1900 Morgan County census they had eight children, with seven living. They were Sarah E., Thomas A., Annie, Lou E. (I have been told her name was actually Louella), Lucy J., Samuel E. Jr., and DANIEL BOONE PHIPPS, who was simply known as Boone.
At some time during the early 1900s it is reported that the Samuel and Frances Phipps family moved to some place in Wisconsin and I sure would like to know where. Boone Phipps returned, at some point, to Kentucky and was married twice.
His first wife was a Campbell, and I do not know her first name.
They had two daughters. They were Louella and Irene. His second wife was Nina Wright. They had no children. Boone did father a child out of wedlock with Louise Prodemore and since Louise felt her family would look down on her and disown her for having a child in 1934 when she was married, she let Boone and Nina Phipps adopt her since he was the father.
Her name was Ruby Lee Phipps and she was my birth mother. Ruby Lee Phipps had four children with three of them being adopted out. They were James Steven Phipps, Thomas Anthony (Phipps) Carter, Terry Eugene (Phipps) Underwood, and Jennifer Lynn (Phipps) Duncil. Ruby Lee Phipps was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 28 and that was nine years prior to learning that she was my mother.
If anyone reading this can fill in any of the blanks then please contact me. If anyone reading this is a descendant of anyone mentioned then you are family and I would love hearing from you.
Since 1987, I have recorded nine gospel music CDs and 13 gospel DVDs and if you have a copy of The Phipps Family book that you can send me I will send you some CDs and DVDs. I can be contacted as follows: Terry Underwood, P.O. Box 952, Loyall, KY 40854; (606) 664-2884.
Thank you and God bless you.
Terry Underwood, Loyall, Ky.

Trying to find out the cemetery my g gr mother-in-law is buried in. Have photograph of tombstone but no imformation concerning the cemetery name or location. Interested in Moxley, Douglas(s)and Crouse family histories. Most of my wife’s (Moxley) family removed to Harford County Maryland during the late 1910s. Dave King, 606 Main Street, Delta, PA 17314

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