Trip to the Museum

Imaging Specialists, Inc. featured us in an upcoming video for Alleghany Community Television, Imaging Specialists’ Trip to the Museum. Since the Museum’s opening in 2009, a regular feature of our award-winning newsletter has been “What’s New Old at the Museum?”

The current newsletter only reaches members of the Society (membership’s only $10 a year, scheduled to go up next year), and old newsletters are available online.

We wanted to expand on that feature and make information about the Museum available to even more folks. Watch the video below, over on YouTube, or catch it on Alleghany Community Television. ACTV will use the footage as filler between programs, so it will have a huge potential audience- currently around 5000 homes!

We have been getting great feedback from visitors. Several have told us that they found out about the Museum from the segment we did on North Carolina Now.

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